The Second Date

Summer 2018

During my summer in Germany, I traveled to Berlin to take part in their 48 hour film festival with Jason Mcruer and Benson Kung. Our required elements included a painter, a calendar, and the line "You had one job". Given a choice of road trip or crime genres, we ultimately embraced both in our script. Nobody on the team had a car, so we faced some serious mobility challenges in shooting and moving equipment. We overcame this by using a carsharing service and some creative camera angles. In the process of making the film, we had the opportunity to explore new parts of the city. I truly love this place, and it was incredibly meaningful for me to end my time abroad there by making a movie.


Berlin 48 Hour Film Festival
Best Use of Required Item

Promotional poster

This was our first time making a movie with professional film actors, and they were all amazing people to work with.