Drip Drop

Winter 2018

For the Cardinal Studios 48-Hour Film Festival, Jason Mcruer, Ashwin Agarwal, Jack Virnich, and I wrote, shot, and edited this movie inspired by the two prompts "Atlantis" and "The Stranger", which were randomly assigned to us. This was my first time working on a live-action short, and I learned so much over those 2 days about working on a creative team. After a 12-hour script-writing session, we were able to recruit a stellar acting team and lock down locations at a couple hours notice. Despite the time crunch, we iterated rapidly throughout the shooting and editing process, which heavily altered the mood and pacing of the story. It was an immense experience working with such talented people, and I'm excited for what comes next.


Cardinal Studios 48 Hour Film Festival
Grand Jury Award
Audience Choice Award

Promotional poster

Sunday swim

Day at the spa