Greidient Studios
TV Show Posters

Winter 2016 - Present

I like to say that I was raised by TV, in the most positive senses (if any) of that phrase. As a child, my week would be punctuated by regular premieres of new episodes and classic reruns. Today, in our so-called "golden age" of television, my appreciation for the medium has only increased. These stories and chracters mean a lot to me, and this is how I translate that love through my work. These are a series of posters from some of my favorite shows. The designs revolve around core symbols and scenes, and I then flesh out the rest of the shows' moods as represented by this imagery. The art begins as pencil sketches on paper. That gets scanned in and traced out into Adobe Illustrator. The rest of the inking and coloring is done there. I finally apply gradients, textures, borders, and text in Photoshop. I now sell prints in my Etsy shop linked above. The focus of this project has shifted from solely design and illustration to business, customer service, and accounting.

Disney's Gravity Falls

Cartoon Network's Over the Garden Wall

HBO's The Leftovers

Coen Brothers' original movie & FX's Fargo

FX's Fargo

Adultswim's Rick and Morty