Hammershot 8
Nerf Mod

Summer 2017

The goal for this project was to expand the dart capacity of the Nerf Hammershot and implement interchangeable cylinders for quicker reload time. I started off with 7-dart cylinders but soon increased to 8-darts after seeing similar models popping up in the community. In terms of aesthetics, I aimed to replicate the look of the stock blaster while maintaining detail fidelity in the 3D-printed version. The current set of models allows users to choose between modifying the Hammershot shell to accomodate interchangeable cylinders or simply inserting the new 3D-printed components without altering the blaster. Neodymium magnets in the rotation mechanism and the cylinder ensure a good seal between the blaster body and the dart ports. In order to sell these, I plan on SLA printing the cylinder for copies to be cast in resin.

Stock blaster with 5-dart cylinder

Modified blaster with 8-dart cylinder

Stock 5-dart cylinder vs. 8-dart cylinder

Interchangeable cylinder with neodymium magnet


All of the parts were modeled in OnShape, a cloud-based CAD platform. I was pleasantly surprised by how capable it was, considering what a behemoth Solidworks is. The interface is clean, and the built-in version control is incredibly useful. Though it lacks some of the more advanced features and in-depth options of Solidworks, I highly recommend OnShape for its simplicity and reliability.

CAD Assembly

3D-printed components