Key Organizer

Autumn 2017

I created this Swiss-style, clip-on key organizer for ME203, my design and manufacturing class. Features include swivel-out access to keys, adjustable height, and a bottle opener. Inspired by an S-carabiner I was using, I set out to create a solution to the loud jangling mess of keys while maintaining easy access. The main challenge was fixturing the small aluminum pieces to the rotary table. I screwed the workpieces to the polycarbonate sheet using the existing holes in the design. A second issue arose when I attempted to refixture the pieces to the rotary table and discovered how difficult it was to recenter the holes. In order to circumvent this, I completed the entire project in a single shop session by refining the milling processes and stacking both of the workpieces. The product was then finished and then anodized.

Preparing workpieces for fixturing

Fixturing workpieces to the rotary table

Milling operations