Web Dev

Spring 2016 - Winter 2018

Over the past 3 years, I've displayed my graphic design and other work on a variety of sites, ranging from Virb to Squarespace. Everytime I switched to a new platform, I was constantly fiddling with the HTML and CSS to get the right look. The themes look good on paper, but I found that usability was consistently lacking. Last year, I decided to take on web development more seriously, and this website is represents the culmination of much of what I've learned so far.

March 2016 Snapshot

September 2017 Prototype

Online courses such as Codecademy were helpful in understanding the basics, but the best learning experiences for me involved adapting HTML5UP templates for friends who needed websites. Understanding how all of the markup, style, and scripts interacted and came together was immensely helpful. This portfolio was originally built with the Foundation framework, but as I started building out my own infrastructure, I've gradually phased out those components.

Because my work spans a diverse set of fields, the main goal was to allow visitors to filter for relevant projects. This functionality was implemented with Javascript and was the main motivation for building my own site. I also wanted for the project entries to focused on visuals, but allow for sections of text for in-depth explanations as well. The "card" layout is the happy medium between article and photo album formats and enables a great deal of flexibility in representing my work.